Take Your Team Into The Crystal Maze

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Take Your Team Into The Crystal Maze

Start The Fans! Popular Corporate Teambuilding Experience For Your Business

Put your employees through their paces in the popular and familiar format of the Crystal Maze. Take part in Physical, Mental, Logic and Skill games.

Companies who are interested in giving their work-rate productivity and employee engagement a serious boost, may be interested in corporate team-building events. Getting out of the office and participating in activities that you wouldn’t normally have access to is a fantastic way to let loose on a social level whilst benefitting from improved communication and trust between colleagues. However, with so many team-building events on offer, which is the right one to select for your organisation? Paintballing, spaghetti tower building and wine tasting are all popular choices. Yet one option which incorporates many different skills and bonding opportunities is the Crystal Maze experience.

The Original TV Format

For those who are old enough to remember the ‘90s, the original Channel 4 show in the UK began at the turn of the decade when it was hosted by Richard O’Brien. Contestants worked their way through four different zones, taking part in various skilled challenges and gained time crystals for their efforts. These rewards then bought them a number of seconds in the ultimate area of the Crystal Dome, whereupon they would have to grab as many golden tickets as possible within an allotted time period in order to win a prize. The TV show had a massive cult following and it is no surprise that its well-liked format has now produced the perfect team bonding experience.

Step Inside The Crystal Maze

Teams of colleagues take part in various Physical, Mental, Logic and Skill team building events, as they navigate their way through the Aztec, Futuristic, Industrial and Medieval zones. Much like the TV show, they will win a crystal after the successful completion of a challenge, each of which will win them five seconds in the inflatable Crystal Dome arena. By competing against another team of employees, the group who emerges with the most golden tickets, will reign victorious and be awarded the coveted Crystal Trophy.

Strengths and Skills

This style of team-building experience taps into just about every skill level you could need to develop a successful workforce. Certainly, the Crystal Maze will promote a challenging environment which allows your employees to compete in a friendly atmosphere. By selecting players to participate in games that match their skill levels, you will get to see a great balance of talents and abilities across your team. You will also encourage your employees to support and cheer each other on – a type of positive collaboration which will be well-received back in the office. Time-management is also an essential consideration as players must work efficiently and problem-solve against the clock. Communication is enhanced as the non-participating teammates are able to shout advice and instructions through to the active player, in order to help him or her accomplish their joint goal of releasing the crystal. Logic and co-ordination are key attributes that are put to the test, as the majority of the games will be real head-scratchers.

The Crystal Maze team building day is an idea way of breaking down barriers between colleagues, allowing you to get to know your teammates, all in the name of some good friendly competition. The activity can be run in groups of 15 to 750 + people, may be held indoors or outdoors throughout the UK and will last between one and three hours. Book your event now and let the games begin!

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