Start Planning the Work Summer Party

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Start Planning the Work Summer Party

Is it time to start making plans for your work summer parties?

Whether you’re a thriving, established company or a small start-up business, there’s no denying that the backbone of any business is your employees. They’re the ones that meet deadlines and work tirelessly to ensure that objectives have been met. So you’ve decided it’s time to show your appreciation, but how? Work summer parties could be just the answer!

Get the basics out of the way early

The most important part of the party planning process are the basics, this includes guest numbers, the date of the event, the location and the budget. Whoever you speak to, be it the venue, caterer or guests, they are always going to ask for those four things.

Find out guest numbers and maximum budget allowance as this can be tweaked at any point during the planning. The same goes for the date and location, pick a month and then work with your chosen venue to find out what dates are available to suit your budget.

Pick a venue to suit your office style

Work out where you want your party to be held and what you want to do. It could be a team building exercise day, a relaxed BBQ or an afternoon creating personalised cocktails with companies that offer bar hire in Essex, where you can hire bars for celebrations and special occasions. Make sure it’s a theme that people will be comfortable with – the more interactive the better!

Have some fun with it!

Summer parties are all about celebrating the warm weather and having fun – it’s time to get that Pinterest board out and get creative! Everyone will want to be outdoors in the fresh air, enjoying delicious food and having fun, so don’t get bogged down with all the details.

It’s no surprise that the summer and Christmas seasons bring an influx in office parties. These parties tend to entail team-building games, murder mystery parties, pub crawls or lavish dinners. Work parties help to boost office moral, show appreciation and are a way of celebrating milestones in the business. So what are you waiting for – it’s time to get planning!

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